March 31, 2018

Pay Per Click (Paid Search)

Pay Per Click (PPC) goes by many names and has been around since Google first began. It is the immediate solution if you are looking to drive traffic and sales overnight… but it comes with a price.

Your website’s advertisement will show up for the keywords you want but you will only pay per click. Hence its most common name outside of Paid Search or Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

You will be charged different amounts of money for each click.

Some clicks

… will be expensive
…. will be cheap
….. will be a waste
…… will be worth it

Prices range on how many other businesses want to show up for the keyword.  It is the quick solution and shows your website ahead of others who have invested in search engine optimization.

It is Search Box’s job to develop and optimize your pay per click campaign based on the most efficient keywords for your businesses.  We will weed out the expensive and wasteful spending on keywords and put your money towards the revenue generating keywords for your business.

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