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Lead Generation

Anyone can say that they can generate leads for you — but how much are you going to pay per lead?


The only way to improve your marketing campaigns is to measure ROI. We do that for you.


We have worked with businesses and companies large to small. Our relationships are built on results.


Our job is to bring you new ideas for your business or website. Our recommendations will drive your business forward.

About Search Box

Internet Marketing Done Right.
Increase your website's visibility today.

Search Box was created to provide businesses with affordable internet marketing services from full time internet marketing professionals.

In order to market a website effectively, it must be built from the inside out. For that reason we also offer website development and website redesign services. We focus on building a solid search presence for your business or website. It's essential that your website is found by those looking for you, and even more important that it's found by people who aren't. That's where new clients or new customers come from.

Generating new customer opportunities from the search box is our number one priority. That's how we got our name. Lean on our many years of internet marketing experience to drive your business forward. Besides, you are busy doing other things -- like running a business.

  • Get your website to show up for more search keywords naturally.

  • We only buy the right search keywords to generate new business for your business.

  • If your business is a local one, you are likely missing out on customers by not utilizing the latest local search tactics.

  • Looks are important but website performance is everything. Your website should perform as well as it looks, we can marry the two.